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A noose will call her name

cloaked in darkness

12/15/04 08:19 pm


fuck this.
fuck you all.

12/15/04 08:43 am

Your Career as a Deadly Assassin (LJ) by maxgallagher
You first killed at age5
Your victim wasA deadly assassin
ReasonOn a whim
Your trademark weaponSamurai sword
Your reputationCompetitive and egotistical
You work withitsfatalx
You kill forPolitical reasons
In the end, you are defeated byxmndax
Your deathGruesome decapitation
Your career body-count500
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I kill for political reaons? Hell yes. Viva socialismo!

Uhm. Zeke is my partner in crime. ...and im defeated by manda?

Yeah. Something is wrong there.

12/15/04 08:19 am

I worship the ground that awaits your corpse.

Fucking douchebags. New LJ, perhaps? Friends only?
I want to be able to write and not to have to deal with these shitheads.

12/13/04 10:55 am

I'm in school. I have lunch in about six or seven minutes. I'm hungry. I have to do my math homework. I hope it's not too cold outside.

12/12/04 09:32 pm

I just talked to Emilie and she's cool. Enough said.

And Sam, I'm not quite sure what you said, but if I heard correctly, I doubt it.

12/12/04 08:18 pm

So I caught a gimpse of her hair, her head shrouded behind seats and people at the 99. I kept denying to myself that it was her. I was praying, hoping that it was not her. Then, an hour later, my family and I got up and prepared to leave. Turning the corner, I saw her face in the reflection of the window.

With the series of events that have been striking me as of late, the last thing I need is a physical reminder of what happiness my past held.

I dont know what I'm supposed to feel anymore. I dont know what I'm supposed to think. Why are we capable of emotion? What is our purpose?

I miss the way she'd whisper "I love you", but all the same, I hate her and her friends with all of my being.

Oh well.

I worked out today. For the first time in I-dont-know-how-long. I'm going to make a habit of it. Every day, rotating what I work on. I'm keeping a watch on my diet and I'm going to try to eat more healthily from now on.

I've had it with running my mouth. If I'm not in any shape to fight any time soon, I'd be better off stabbing the fucker. And latley, considering how cold and hateful I've been, I feel that I have the capacity to do so and without remorse.

I dont care what anyone else thinks of me. Pussy or not, I'm going all out on you. I dont care how badly you can kick my ass. I dont care how badly you end up kicking my ass. If it goes to the extreme, I'll use my last dying breath to spit my blood in your eye. I'll die before I give up.

12/11/04 09:12 am - For Whom She Loves, For Whom She Dies

A winter wind desecrates my calloused flesh, sending
condolences, breathing life into a love imbued on the cartilage
of a starlit corpse.

Brilliant red is an ornament to this occasion,
in death that betides on love eternal.

She took me beside the sunset and defiled my lust,
she promised me her hand and her heart forever,
but out from her mouth came daggers
and out from my chest came an organ.

So I severed the hand the fed me,
with the entrails that once made me,
(she removed my internal workings)
and now the gallows await my critics.

12/9/04 09:25 pm

I just want to reitterate the fact that using drugs to get a high is fucking stupid.


12/9/04 12:55 pm


Dimebag fucking Darrel.
At least the douchebag who shot him got a taste of his own medicine.

12/8/04 05:20 pm

Today was weird. Health was boring. Microsoft cert was also. Then we had history. Which was also boring, but interesting to say the least because I'm a history nerd. Lunch. And then the interesting parts of the day started.

Jenn, this girl who commented in my LJ, and who I talked to once over AIM, came up to me while I was gathering books. It was quite weird. I look up and all of a sudden someone's towering over me. haha. I dont know. I just thought that was really... sketchy. But whatever. She said hi, I said hi, and we both scurried off to class. I felt kind of bad that I didnt say more than just "hi", but I was in a hurry, and anyone who knows me knows that Im quiet, so...yeah.

I spent spanish laughing my ass off and making a ruckus with Josh Miggs. That kids fucked up. I think I had too many breath strips, because I couldnt stop laughing at things that werent even funny. Yeah.

Then english. We went to the library, and luckily enough I saw anthony, meg and adam there. So we hung out and I didnt pay any jack shit attention to what I was supposed to be doing. It's not like they'd have dante's inferno there anyway, so how am I supposed to read it if I dont have it?




Saturday, we're "working", as anthony calls it, with Tom...I beleive thats his name, on vocals. Hopefully we'll have him going by the battle so we can kick some emo and nu metal ass and win some money for our greedy bastard selves... aka stuido time.


new email. its gmail. oh oh bitch you wish you had one because you're not cool now.
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